Why “Flying too close to the sun”?

I think in pictures. Friends are always laughing at the way I draw the pictures in the air with my hands. Even though I love writing, sometimes what I see in my head I cannot express using my words. I’d like to explain the name of this blog, since it formed from a picture I had in my head and might not make sense.

Firstly, it has nothing to do with Icarus or any mythology. The way I think about it, is that someone with Bipolar Disorder is like a brightly coloured bird that can fly higher and higher and higher. So high it can reach the sun. And flying so high feels amazing. You feel unstoppable, exhilirated, hot and bright. But, inevitably, you get too close and too hot. Your wings catch fire and you start spiraling out of control. Just like you once flew, you start falling. And you don’t stop. The fire consumes you, you burn out and you crash, hard.

That’s what happens when you fly too close too the sun. And that’s the Bipolar life.


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