Picture the sun

After a year I think I am ready and in the mood (ha) this blog up again. Maybe for no other reason than that I need to. I need to write about my experiences and about what is going on in my head. I need to not care what people think when they read it, and focus on the good it can do myself and potentially other. An I miss writing, to be honest. Even if the only thing I’m writing about is myself and my mental illness.

But before I launch into what you’ve missed over the past year, here is the tattoo that I finally got that was originally inspired by when I started this this blog and chose it’s title. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?!tattoo


5 thoughts on “Picture the sun

  1. I’ve spent the last two hours reading your blog. Thank you! I do not have a support group but have a Therapist (who I let go), a Shrink (who is mediocre) and a PCP whom I’ve met once. I am home shaking after sleeping 14 hours (God I hope I don’t lose my job!) It’s quite difficult to type when you are shaking. I liked what you said about Margarget Thatcher – made me laugh and feel sad that I wasn’t born 50 yrs later. I too take ~a dozen pills a day. My family is not supportive of things I have to say about bipolar. Kinda taboo. Even girlfriend of mine in AA announced that she would no longer be my sponsor b/c she doesn’t know how to take me. I really liked your blog ad I hope you continue. You tell it just like it is. And I’m alone but that’s ok. K


    1. Dear Kelly

      I am so glad to hear that you found my blog useful. Comments like yours will make me continue to write, if I know that it helps people. Finding people to understand what you are going through is incredibly difficult, and even when you do have a support system, they don’t always get it. You are not alone though. There are so many of us out there and we don’t have to suffer in silence. It might be helpful for you to find an online support group, if you don’t have any in your area. It’s helped me a lot. I find the articles on bdHope magazine very helpful. This one might resonate with you http://www.bphope.com/blog/when-friends-and-family-dont-understand-bipolar-disorder/

      Be kind to yourself.



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