Fact vs feeling – what do YOU want to know about Bipolar Disorder

I’ve been meaning to get this blog up and running again. I’ve gone through a pretty terrible month of ups and downs. I have always been concerned about turning this blog into a personal rant. I don’t want to go on and on about my personal life and my issues all the times. I’ve wanted this blog to be informative and helpful. A place where you can find the answers for your questions from a real person. I want to interact with readers and, most of all, HELP. Because by helping others I also help myself.

So my question is really, what would you like to read here. When you google Bipolar disorder, what is it that you just can’t seem to find? Personal accounts? A space to ask questions? Different perspectives? Insights about the latest research?

I really want to start writing again, but at the moment I feel like I’m lost at see. And writing about my feelings all the time is not helpful, especially to myself, as I get lost in the dark spiral of my depressive thoughts.

I would like to hear from everyone about everything! I challenge you, what do YOU want.


2 thoughts on “Fact vs feeling – what do YOU want to know about Bipolar Disorder

  1. Hey there… Only realised I haven’t been to visit in a while. What I want on a blog most of all is understanding. And we get that from each other, from other strugglers, where I don’t have to explain myself, where when I say I am depressed that statement and ALL it means is understood. I don’s use mine as a rant for my personal feelings, but I do express myself there. I find it clarifies my thoughts and feelings; its almost like CBT without the CBT!!! For any advances or actual facts about bipolar I tend to go to medical websites, for the ‘human’ side of it, I come to the blogs… Nice to have you back!


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