Monthly Archives: October 2014

Why this blog has gone quiet

I really wish that I hadn’t lost my enthusiasm for writing this blog (A bipolar thing perhaps? Starting things and not finishing them?). Mainly I think the reason I have stopped writing is that finally my Bipolar Disorder is not the central focus of my life anymore. I am well, and pretty much stable, and have been for a while now. I went through a bit of a euphoric hypomanic thing recently, but kept it mostly under control through exercise. I’m not big on being active, so I was very pleasantly surprised to feel in my own body that exercise does help you get rid of all that extra energy. I did overdo it a bit, but I could have been overdoing something worse so it’s all good. Now I’m back on track, being a normal, boring, stable person.

Because Bipolar Disorder has not been a central focus in my life and I haven’t had to think about it every day, I have cut my contact with anything related to it. I’m not writing about it, reading about it, talking about it or attending support groups about it. For now I feel that that is the best thing for me. I see my doctor once a month, take my meds every day and have really gotten into a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating healthily. I even quit smoking (most of the time)! I also don’t like sharing details of my life just for the sake of it. I want to share things that will be meaningful to other people, or that will create awareness. Things of interest, instead of just talking about myself. So until I learn something significant from an experience, or have ¬†word burning inside me, or come across some really interesting and valuable information, I’ll be quiet for now.